WNBA x Supreme

Supreme is a pioneer in the streetwear scene

known for their limited edition drops and asynchronous collection availability. At its core, SCARCITY is what makes brands like Supreme desirable. When associated with the WNBA (where top players' salaries reach just over a million dollars a year) the brand loyalty and fanbase of Supreme will attach itself to an organization that has continuously fought for relevance in the world of professional sports.

(Also a showcase of some of my best writing yet, which is barely any at all.)

The official WNBA x Supreme collaboration manifesto.

In the preceding weeks, guerrilla-style teasers will pop up throughout New York City teasing the collaboration and event. This includes spray paint, wildposting and turnstile wraps in the subway system.

The Supreme website will also lock with a countdown to the event with the time withheld via QR codes on the posters.

Exclusive collaboration merch (made to steal) will further tease the event.


Speculation will start to brew in anticipation of the collaboration on social media.

The Supreme website will reveal the location and time of the Rucker Park event. Hype rising exponentially.

The Rucker Park Event

Rucker Park in NYC is where many WNBA players got their start and developed their love of the game. The court will be wrapped in the signature collaboration branding.

Game-exclusive merch will be sold at the event.

Other collaboration merch will be released on the Supreme site during the WNBA’s opening weekend, but will be available first to customers who can correctly answer WNBA trivia.

Made with Shanice Aga, Cat Clark, Anari Fleming, Amber Bills, and Max Warren.