(Live Client / Produced Work)

In the fall of 2023, our Brandcenter team was tasked to create branding and design for a new food product coming out of a University of Richmond undergraduate Innovation class. The product itself was inspired by Baba Ganoush, only tangier, zestier, and with a kick of heat. Thus, NOOSH was born.


We stuck with a bright color palette to match the bold flavors of the dip itself, and the color names are derivative from the ingredients or anything associated with the region that Baba Ganoush originated from.

The four characters represent the four main ingredients in NOOSH: eggplant, lemon, garlic, and pepper.

Social Media / Voice

NOOSH is a little spicier and tangier than its original counterpart, so it only makes sense it’s going to give a little more heat than what we’re expecting.

(Is it getting hot in here, or is it just NOOSH?)


Product Photography

NOOSH In The Wild

NOOSH became locally available in places around Richmond like Ellwood Thompson's and Stella's Grocery. It can also be purchased online at spreadnoosh.com.

Team NOOSH can also be found at farmer’s markets and on flyers and signs around town.


NOOSH has been recognized by Richmond Bizsense, VCU, WTVR, and more.

The Creation of NOOSH (2024).