The Apollo Theater

The Apollo Theater has been where many music careers were jumpstarted. But for some, it’s where they became more than just icons, they became musical royalty. This is Where Queens Are Made.

Apollo Theater x British Airways

More than 70 British Airways flights arrive at LaGuardia airport each week directly from London Heathrow. A collaboration with the airline will introduce passengers from the UK to our own musical monarchy.

(It’s also worth noting that the NYC airport is named after former NYC mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, who saved the Apollo Theater from being torn down.)

Boarding passes for British Airways flights will also serve as bus passes that will take passengers to the Apollo Theater.

The Apollo Theater will provide playlists for in-flight entertainment, featuring some of the most prominent artists that have performed there. An airport takeover with Apollo Theatre posters will greet passengers upon departure from LaGuardia.


Miniature record players with matching records that are 90 seconds long each (the length of time for each performer who took the stage on Apollo’s legendary Amateur Night).

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